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What is Financial Education?

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

What is Financial Education?

Well to put it simple words, it’s basicly being able to take control of your own personal finances and understanding how to create a budget, manage your money and invest your money, learning how to become more educated in the way of handling your personal finances.

Sorry if that is to simple to understand, you may go to google or another search engine and look up the term to really get a more detailed description about it. This would be very important for you to do and I Highly Recommend it.

The way the economy has been put through the ringer over the last couple years has reminded me and many others, to take into account more now then ever before, what financial education truly is.

As we come to a close of Memorial Day weekend and see on the news all of the negativity that has happened in our Economy, no matter where you are in the world.

Everyone is being effected and then their are many opportunities being presented yet again. Many investors who are looking for opportunities and many novices as well, you are seeing them in droves in a buying spree.

They see stocks being presented cheaper then any other time, well of course other then back in 2000 when the Dotcom boom hit the market.

The real point is here, is to become educated in your personal finances, if you can manage to cotrol your personal spending and live on a budget and save and invest in your future, you will find yourself doing a real favor for you and your family.

Most families are never really taught about money management and if you are telling yourself,  yes we are, thinking about economics class. Well sorry let’s see they only taught you a little bit about money and how to manage a check book at least you learned that.

The odds are though do you even remember the class itself, most of us when we were listening to something in certain classes ignored and or forgot all about the subjects that did not interest us at the time.

But now we are finding ourselves more then ever before, looking for away out of where we are now and looking for answers and solutions to our problems.

I will talk more soon about financial education and will also recommend some books, courses and certain audios to check out and massive outlay of resources.

More now about financial education is really about preparing and sticking to a plan and making sure that plan is always improving, because no matter how good the plan maybe.

Life does throw us the occassional curve ball, called emergencies and such, that requires are plans to be altered. I have personally been down that road many times and have seen many plans ignored or put off.

Make a commitment to yourself to change for the better and to improve your odds for the better and change from being someones else’s Leverage and Learn how to leverage yourself in a better more effective way.

All the best,

Julio R Mattos

Free Software for Internet Marketers and Niche Marketers

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Free Software for Internet Marketers and Niche Marketers

As I said earlier this week that we would bring some freebies here and so please go and check out this sites for your freebies:

Also if you think that their is some catch, well there is none, you will simply be able to download the software directly from the site and no you will not need to optin in to download anything.

Julio R Mattos Blog Updates in May 2009 and Ramblings

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Julio R Mattos Blog Updates in May 2009

Hello My friends,

 So first things first, let’s start off this month right, I hope you have a great day and enjoy your weekend since the beginning of the month begins on a Friday.

Several friends around the world are actually off today because it’s a holiday today, 2 places that I know of is Japan and San Paulo, Brazil. Plus many other places except herein the USA. Well of course if you have vacation time or if you are a entrepreneur (smile).

Ok, So for the month of May we will be bringing some free gifts, some light versions of some products and will of course ask you to review them and let us know what you think. I will be working on several different projects this month related to several different topics.

The topics in question relate to having and starting, running and growing your own business, but not just any business but a mobile business. I am pretty sure you know what a Mobile Business is don’t you?

What you mean to tell me you do not, let pretty much put it this way a mobile business is a business which can be run from home or anywhere in the world, of course as long as you have internet access and you are using productivity methods and strategies to run your business the right way. 

One thing I come to realize is that you can start any kind of internet marketing business and use internet marketing strategies in any niche marketing style business, but not all internet marketing strategies are created equal and nor should you think that you will make money simply over night and start living as internet marketer in 24 hours. I will be the first to tell you will not happen unless you have planned ahead of time and followed through with a proven system and followed it completely through. 

Also there are many short cuts if you have a mentor, if you have a mentor it will short cut the time and skills needed to completely take you from novice to making a little bit of money, now I bet you though I was going to Guru right? No unfortunately we may all have a variety of financial skills or trades, that are related to internet marketing businesses or niche marketing businesses.

But what you will find is there are over a Million ways to make money online and trust me on this one you do not want to be an information junkie maniac ok, believe me it will be like you are stuck in a fire storm and you will not be able to get out without the source of wealth of water needed to the fire out. Now on that note, when you are getting started it’s very important to find a business you are passionate about and take action, make plans, incorporate a business around your passions.

The things that you do in the beginning will keep you away from that list of people who fails in there first 1 year of business, plus the most important thing of being in business will be your mindset. Ok Julio, your going to talk about Mindset, now you’ve gone and done it. Really?

Ok, it’s very important to understand that you will be faced with so many different challenges both mentally and physically and also spiritually. Because you will deal with a lot of skeptical people those in your family, your friends, teachers and mentors. Unless that you can prove to them that you are able to succeed in your own business ventures. Most of the time you will be strong but after a little while if you succeed and only if and when you succeed, you are in the wrong business or working with people you feel are no longer beneficial to you.

In my experience it’s important to start something that you are passionate about, even if it’s part-time, just doing something for money’s sake will last only for a limited amount of time, unless you can maximize opportunity to the fullest.

Realize that if you start your own internet marketing business, niche marketing business or a mobile business, this will come down to you if you believe it or not, your business will be your business and your personality will change over time but come to the understanding in the beginning to maximize your time with productive actions and plans that will help elevate you for the long term.

We are in business to create passive income and to generate a living by doing the things that we feel most passionate about.

Alright wow, that was a long list of things I written out wasn’t it.

So pretty much in summary, there will be some changes made to my blog, there will be resources added and some helpful business offers, a list of product giveaways that will be happening this month and going forward. There will be some other business offers, some podcasts and videos to watch and learn from.

Just keep coming back and I hope to provide you with leverage in the sense of you taking action, planning, finding what you are passionate about, seeing if you can find a business related to that or helping you Invest in Yourself in more ways then one.

If anything keep me post on your daily happenings, this will be important and I will look to work with people looking to really enjoy their lives and also take action upon their dreams by taking step by step actions towards there dreams.

All the best,

Julio R Mattos