What is Financial Education?

What is Financial Education?

Well to put it simple words, it’s basicly being able to take control of your own personal finances and understanding how to create a budget, manage your money and invest your money, learning how to become more educated in the way of handling your personal finances.

Sorry if that is to simple to understand, you may go to google or another search engine and look up the term to really get a more detailed description about it. This would be very important for you to do and I Highly Recommend it.

The way the economy has been put through the ringer over the last couple years has reminded me and many others, to take into account more now then ever before, what financial education truly is.

As we come to a close of Memorial Day weekend and see on the news all of the negativity that has happened in our Economy, no matter where you are in the world.

Everyone is being effected and then their are many opportunities being presented yet again. Many investors who are looking for opportunities and many novices as well, you are seeing them in droves in a buying spree.

They see stocks being presented cheaper then any other time, well of course other then back in 2000 when the Dotcom boom hit the market.

The real point is here, is to become educated in your personal finances, if you can manage to cotrol your personal spending and live on a budget and save and invest in your future, you will find yourself doing a real favor for you and your family.

Most families are never really taught about money management and if you are telling yourself,  yes we are, thinking about economics class. Well sorry let’s see they only taught you a little bit about money and how to manage a check book at least you learned that.

The odds are though do you even remember the class itself, most of us when we were listening to something in certain classes ignored and or forgot all about the subjects that did not interest us at the time.

But now we are finding ourselves more then ever before, looking for away out of where we are now and looking for answers and solutions to our problems.

I will talk more soon about financial education and will also recommend some books, courses and certain audios to check out and massive outlay of resources.

More now about financial education is really about preparing and sticking to a plan and making sure that plan is always improving, because no matter how good the plan maybe.

Life does throw us the occassional curve ball, called emergencies and such, that requires are plans to be altered. I have personally been down that road many times and have seen many plans ignored or put off.

Make a commitment to yourself to change for the better and to improve your odds for the better and change from being someones else’s Leverage and Learn how to leverage yourself in a better more effective way.

All the best,

Julio R Mattos

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