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Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Hello All,

Julio here, I will be updating my blog beginning later today.

So please look out and look forward to getting to know me and I look forward to getting to know you.

Please also look out for a few cool business offers and also some reading recommendations, if you have some interesting information you would like for me to share please let me know. Lately, I have been working on a few things and my earlier announcements of updates has been delayed and I personally apologize for that, but come on back here later today or tomorrow and you will find some helpful new content and tips, strategies to help your life become much more powerful.

Look forward to it, take care for now and you have a great day.

All the best,

Julio R. Mattos

Julio R Mattos Blog Updates in October 2009 and Ramblings

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Hello and Happy Friday My Friends,

 I hope you all have fun and enjoy your Friday that begins today for some of you and already Saturday for others.

There will be a few things updated on the blog later today and there will also be a few business offers, if you are interested, also there will be a massive amount of helpful articles, content, viral reports come either today or over the weekend.

There will be a business package put together for the course of the weekend since monday will also be Columbus day.

So many things to do this weekend here in San Francisco, let’s see here Watch the Presidents Cup 2009 since the presidents will be here, also it’s Fleet Week and also a few other things all happening at the same time.

I look forward to doing some relaxing and also working on a few packages, my coaching program this will be limited for now once it becomes active but will have all the bells and whistles attached to it.

Please be sure to let me know about what you would need help with such as problems you are having in your business and if you need some helpful solutions to solve them.

As you will become educated from my site, I look forward to teaching you and guiding you upon your online business journey and internet business preparation.

The Lessons will be a work in progress, well since we are all looking to constantly improve ourselves, we must educate ourselves each and everyday.

Well Again come back later today or over the weekend, it will truly be worth your wild.

Enjoy your weekend.

To Your Success,

Julio R Mattos

The Power Of Words

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

The Power Of Words

Why Would We Say The Power Of Words?

Well let’s take a look here simply put, if you have ever been to a webpage, e-store, commerce site, or have reviewed any books or ordered something either from tv, online, mail order.

You will find it very common that words have been used to help sale to you on a deeper level and you may say, “No They Don’t”, but really you have and that is the Power Of Words.

But it’s not just considered the power of words but more about the sales copywriter or the use of a copywriter, which is a wordsmith in short, who is a master of connecting words into creative sentences or works of art and very convenient ways of helping get the benefits, bullet points, key phrases, but not limited by that it helps solves peoples problems and coming up with solutions for helping to sell products.

There will be more tips provided here very soon, which will be in the form of ebooks, reports, audio ebooks, videos. We will provide helpful free and paid resources.

So look forward to the information of Salescopy, Copywriter or better known as Direct Response Copywriting Offline.

If you feel that you have some good copywriting resources that you feel you would like to recommend or would like for us to provide for your convenience and your personal benefit please let us know. We personally look into “sales copy writing” ourselves and have found it to be very helpful and useful in different ways both personally and for business.

I am that you will definitely find that copywriting is very useful in various situations.

To Your Success,

Julio R Mattos

Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do, and how we can do it better

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Tony Robins Video, you must watch to understand and to take the notes, ideas to really live your life by finding your deeper purpose over your normal day-To-Day Situations and Experiences.

My Personal Thoughts Below:

We All Everyday for a Purpose, sometimes we look to ourselves as the person who has to provide for the family or has to look after the family, work, try to have a personal life, grow and exchange hours just to be able to survive.

Also we allow for our decisions to easily be clouded by thick fog that we call excuses, how is that we came to be this way, only you would know this if you were to take a notebook and a pen or pencil and put it all down on paper, if you can remember your whole life or even parts of it.

If you decide to do this excercise then you will need to Focus on You Own Plans and Need In Your Life, we must learn to look past the short-term fulfillment in order to really be able to remain the Captain of Our Own Selves, but it takes discipline and you being prepared for each new given experience presented to you.

Live Life Every Day To The Fullest If You Can, And Do Not Take It For Granted.

Yes, the video has some deeper meaning to it but this is only one video that I watched today and figured I would share.

I definitely could go into great detail far beyond this video simple explaination and it’s core value of experiences, we all have to set as our foundation which is Our Own Personal Core Values, Vision, Mission, Leadership, Teamwork or To work by yourself (Not Recommended Long Term), Write Down Your Ideas, Then Plans, Productive Actions List, Your Personal Problems and Then Writing Out Potential Solutions To Those Problems.

Do Not Accept Failure Nor Do You Except Your Temporary Fulfillment, In Life We Do Seek To Be Happy and To Be 100% Complete. But all in reality when you are complete or perfect your growth seems to have reached a ceiling or hit the sky as far as it can go and will not allow you to move any further then where you are.

Do Not Give Up and Do Not Allow Your Fear To Conquer Your Goals and Dreams, Your Own Needs and Those Of The People You Are Looking To Help along The Highway that we call life.

I would happy to hear your feedback upon this post.

Check Out The Video Here:

All The Best,

Julio R Mattos

P.s. Either You Enjoy Each and Everyday and make it count, or rather you let each and everyday pass you by each time you awake each morning, as if it is like you are a dreamer but inactive dreamer. A World Dreamer are people willing to take productive action each day regardless if you either succeed or fail, you measure the daily results and constantly look to improve them and look for to each new experience that comes you way becase a world dreamer you believe in making each day count to the fullest and living life because you know how precious it is.

Updates for Changes Coming, Notes, Tips, Resources, Business Ideas and Self-Improvement Tips

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Julio R Mattos Here,

Hello My Fellow Friends and Blog Readers,

We will have some articles and some helpful reports to be given away this month, so please look out for them through October 2009. Also you will find that their will be some changes made to Julio R Mattos .com Website and it will be better off for you and for us to provide quality information resources to you.

Now also to mention we will be having many Self-Improvement Tips Which will be coming your way very soon as well, well to be more accurate this week. We are putting some finishing touches to articles and we will also have a newsletter which will be for Subscribers only, so if you find the information useful to you here on the blog we suggest becoming a member of our newsletter.

As A Member of Our Newsletter you will find a lot of Quality Information Being Sold Else where for heaps of money and belive us when we tell you this, we have spent a whole of time, energy, money and resources scouring over many different type of information and the resources behind many top people on the internet.

Our Mission Is Simple to Educate Our Customers and Prepare Them For Success By Providing Helpful Resources To Work Smarter Not Harder By Working Less But Earning More and More.

So Please look out we will also be launching helpful Product Deals Each Week, If you are a fellow Online Marketer better known as Internet Marketers or Affiliate Marketers. You will find some information here that will most likely help you boost your Income and help you save time, energy, money all at the same time.

We cannot say that you will receive Immediate Results because this is always based upon the time and commitment of proper plans and productive action done on an individual basis.

We will also provide helpful videos to watch as well, since it is the October 1st, 2009 and that’s a month of Halloween, please be on the lookout for Great Deals This Month. We Will have excellent Weekly Offers, we suggest you keep your eyes open because you will find prices for packages and products or coaching for deep price cuts but be warned these will really be limited offers once the limit is reached the price will return to the original prices no exceptions.

We hope you enjoy yourselves here on and Mr. Mattos will also add his personal touches as well.

Also if you have any recommendations that you would like for us to add here please feel free to let us know.

Take care and we hope that you really enjoy your October, that you have fun and work hard to acieve great success this month.

To Your Success,


Exective Assistant To

Julio R. Mattos