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Happy New Year To All My Friends Out There!

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Happy New Year To All My Friends Out There.

A New Year Usually Does Not Mean Much To Some Folks, But For Other’s It Means The World To Them.

Why Do Ask Right?

Well For Some Of Us Usually The Reasoning Is Because We Make Big Plans And For Some, They Never Actually Take Any Kind Of Action What So Ever And They Have A Repeat Session, Which Means They Do The Samething And Make Excuses.

While Other’s Take Action Even If It’s Only For 1 Hour A Day, Every Day Actions They Do Make A Difference. So Take Out That List Of Things Which You Wrote Down From Last Year Or The Year Before And Review The Most Important Ones You Want To Accomplish.

Get Started Taking Action, Oh Are You Saying You Cannot Do So?

Why Not?

Last Year I Lost 33 Pounds, I Felt I Was A Little Big For My Height And Actually No One New It And Most Of My Friends Did Not Think That I Was 202 lbs, But I Was. Now I Am Going Into 2010 Weighing Only 172 pounds Something I Have Not Weighed Since High School.

Well To Be More Accurate I Would Say I Have Always Been Between 172-185 And 6-8% Body Fat, But When I Went And Had Myself Checked Out Last Year, I Was 203 pounds With 12-13% Body Fat. Alright I Know That Still Is Not Bad But To Me, I Have Always Been An Athlete And I Have Always Worked Out So I Have Always Had My Muscle Out Weigh My Fat.

But Look When You Look In A Mirror And To Your Own Eyes You Look Different, You Must Do Something About It And I Have, I Changed My Diet, My Food I Ate, The Way I Carried Myself.

I Did Not Do Some Fancy Diet, I Simply Cut Out A Lot Of Foods And Broke My Food Up From 3 Big Meals Down To 5-6 Meals. Which Mean’t Eating Fruits, Vegetables In Place Of Sweets, Cutting Down My Bigger Meals Into Smaller Portions And Eating When I Was Not Hungry.

So Make 2010 count For You As Well, I Know That You Can Do It, Over The Coming Days And Weeks You Will Be Provided With Some Gifts That Should Help You Develop Your New Year From Any Before You. This Is A New Year And The Beginning Of A New Decade, Let’s Make The Next 10 Years Count.

Look Out Also For Special Offers And Product Recommendations.

Please Be Safe, Have Fun And Enjoy Those You Love And Who Loves You.

Take Care For Now.

To All Of Your Success,

Julio R Mattos