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About Julio R Mattos 


“I’m a marketer!”

“My specialty is attracting new customers … persuading existing customers to make ever-larger purchases … convincing them to buy more often … and making sure they keep buying from me forever.”

This is my chose profession, I work in a variety of fields but all in all I work in marketing and sales in a few different industries.

A few things about me is that I really enjoy meeting good like minded people, who strive each day just to get by, I do understand the day to day situations where you have to simply just get by.

As an Internet Marketer, we all have had those times where we merely made a $1 dollar online let alone the monthly fees we pay just to belong to a group of like minded people, but we simply cannot fully commit or rather we seem to allow for our daily actions to be misplaced.

Julio Here, Yes a little more about me could be said about me is I believe in “Fun and Profit” if you can really come to grips with reality money is a by product of Fun (“Time, Energy, Health, Relationships which comes to the understanding of Freedom”) and fun is a by product of money. What I mean by that it’s not how much time you spend to earn or make a living but by the actions you do to enjoy yourself, invest in yourself and express youself, also if you can deliver what you believe that you talk about, so it’s all about results.

I have been fortunate to come from a family of 5 kids, even though it is 3 boys and 2 girls. My Mother did the best she could and I commend her for raising us all we have had hickups in my family, but in short what family has not, at least in mine we have all remained very close regardless of anything.

My father also providing me with knowledge and importance of work, but since my father is a Jack Of All Trades Type, my father is really a Jack Of All Trades, growing up I learned so much from my father about different trades to be explained about the different jobs that I have had.

So a little about me explained in small words would be I am an Info Maniac, I was and am a curious guy, so by that being an “Internet Marketer” or placing a title on me about what I do is hard sometimes to explain, apart of what Timothy Ferriss says in Four Hour Work Week is ” I Am A Deal Maker”, I really believe that I can be called that.

The Thing is I enjoying talking, listening, reading, writing, listening to music and going dancing, learning new things, exploring different cities, countries, food, culture, arts, basic living habits, customs and also learning new languages, practicing martial arts (mixed), plus some.

As you can see if I mentioned all of these things and I told you I have traveled around the world and I use to speak spanish and french, but now for some reason I have not kept it up but will re-learn. Some of my friends have found this hard to believe to be so young and to be enjoying oneself so much, the thing is I was raised to find a solution to ones problem, through my father learn to use your mind and your two hands to make things happen and through my mother I learned kindness, generousity, to use the resources surrounded around you to help to improve the chances of succeeding, which also mean’t use your mind and your own ability to constantly take productive action and constantly educate yourself. Both my parents taught me discipline and to be patient.

I grew up in a big family and we lived as best we could, my mother was a single mother who would do baby sitting jobs and seemed that my mother was always watching a handful of kids, she also taught english to some spanish only children and adults, my mother spoke spanish fluently but my father was always around as well, my father has been many things in his life, my father has worked as a Professional Painter, Carpentry, Construction, Manual Labor (I learned alot about this), he has also been a professional chef at several restaurants but was not apart of my father’s long term goals.  I enjoyed traveling and learning with both my parents. If I told you what my mother did was a Nanny, Babysitter (So A lot of children was around my mother and us, also my mother was very passionate about educating children and teaching, plus a whole more) and my father comes from tradesmen and military family, you could ask me more questions about this if you meet me.

Also growing up biracial has also been a blessing because I had the opportunity to experience so many different things, but it also had it’s downsides and upsides as anything does.

By me mentioning my mother she was the kindest woman you would ever meet and she would probably tell you a lot about me, that she only said this to me but I was “Curious Julio” related to “Curious George”, I am pretty sure you remember that curious monkey always looking to experience new things, not to say I was like him all the way…lol…

I asked my mother and most people I met many, many and I really do mean many questions. I would volunteer at Senior citizen homes and retirement homes to learn from people wiser then my parents and would hear all kinds of fascinating stories, it drove me to start working very early or rather my father taught me about different trades, Carpentry, Carpenter, Painting, digging ditches (So Fun At First, Hard Work, I personally commend these hard working folks, they are not appreciated enough), Cement Mixing, Building homes, fixing all kinds of things.

But I became an expert Bike Mechanic and I used to make enough money in a week to fund my childhood adventures and then I started to invest in my personal education about traveling to distant places first it started locally here in California, Oregon, Washington, Canada, Nevada, Arizona (Boy Is It Hot There, mind you not I grew up in 100 degrees but 10 degrees hotter in the desert is massively drenching, a story for another time). Then I took a few road trips with classmates and there brother’s and sisters, parents.

Ok, I also moved alot in my family so I can say that I grew up in the suburbs, City, Valley, country (Yes, in the middle of no where, ask me and I will tell you where, but a lot of fun), so I have been to around 13 or so elementary schools, 2 middle schools (would have been 3), 2 High Schools (would have been 3,lol), my mother made it a point to drill me and my father did as well.

They made me the Child to drill and go hard on because they knew I would be someone if they only could teach me and guide me to make the right decisions, ok enough I suppose of the family tales of the past, I grew up a very knowledgeable but shy kid. Do not laugh and I know if you have met me you would think I was never shy, I really was my mother convinced me to take a few public speaking classes to help me conquer my shyness and I did, if you know me, you would come to understand this.

So really Julio is all about learning, having fun and making money, new friends, enjoying life to the fullest and surrounding myself with great people, also being well connected with great people both personally and business wise.

Also I do believe in giving back to the community as well and also working individuals, groups and organizations who have a giving back cause. I am also a spiritual person so if you feel you would like to chat sometimes on a few things and get to know each other more let me know and we can make plans to do so.

More on my schooling, entreprenurial training, business experiences and jobs that I’ve had, passions, hobbies, I will let you know it all here very soon.

More to come about Julio R Mattos soon.

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