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Julio R Mattos Fun & Profit Blog: A Shining Star Or Is It?

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Hello My Friends,

 Julio here with a few things to discuss.

So early this morning as I do on occassion I look up at the sky to check out the stars, I did come across a star, if I can really call it that a blinking star shining brighter then any other.

So on my part it could be the space station that we have outside the earth, I do not have a telescope with me currently but I can tell you that I did take a look with 1000 ft binoculars, of course it’s not good enough to see it either but good enough where I could see it a little more better.

I think I will walk up Nob Hill here in a little bit and get a closer look because for some reason it has peaked my interest, even though I have been working on a few internet related projects.

Also I hope that all of you have enjoyed your Thanksgiving if you are here in the United States, for the rest of you I would hope that you would celebrate with in what you have to be Thankful for this year.

I have so many things to be thankful for and so many thanks to give to others, so right now I would like to take this opportunity to say thank your for reading my blog, for reading the articles that you come across here now and in the future, also I would like to thank all of my current and future customers, partners and affiliates, also my future friends as well.

I hope that you find some tidbits of knowledge here and that you find my blog posts to bring you some kind of enlightenment and encouragement to take action.

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Alright enough for this current post, simply put I do plan to walk up to Nob Hill in a few minutes just to go take another video of it.

If you are also interested in Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Etc. Look out we will let you know about a Father blog of ours which will be discussing these topics plus a whole lot more.

If you feel you have some feedback on a few topics which may interest you or you may recommend please let us know. 

 Please enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope that you all enjoyed the last 4 days or so off.

Take care for now.

Have Fun & Profit,

Julio R Mattos