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Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do, and how we can do it better

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Tony Robins Video, you must watch to understand and to take the notes, ideas to really live your life by finding your deeper purpose over your normal day-To-Day Situations and Experiences.

My Personal Thoughts Below:

We All Everyday for a Purpose, sometimes we look to ourselves as the person who has to provide for the family or has to look after the family, work, try to have a personal life, grow and exchange hours just to be able to survive.

Also we allow for our decisions to easily be clouded by thick fog that we call excuses, how is that we came to be this way, only you would know this if you were to take a notebook and a pen or pencil and put it all down on paper, if you can remember your whole life or even parts of it.

If you decide to do this excercise then you will need to Focus on You Own Plans and Need In Your Life, we must learn to look past the short-term fulfillment in order to really be able to remain the Captain of Our Own Selves, but it takes discipline and you being prepared for each new given experience presented to you.

Live Life Every Day To The Fullest If You Can, And Do Not Take It For Granted.

Yes, the video has some deeper meaning to it but this is only one video that I watched today and figured I would share.

I definitely could go into great detail far beyond this video simple explaination and it’s core value of experiences, we all have to set as our foundation which is Our Own Personal Core Values, Vision, Mission, Leadership, Teamwork or To work by yourself (Not Recommended Long Term), Write Down Your Ideas, Then Plans, Productive Actions List, Your Personal Problems and Then Writing Out Potential Solutions To Those Problems.

Do Not Accept Failure Nor Do You Except Your Temporary Fulfillment, In Life We Do Seek To Be Happy and To Be 100% Complete. But all in reality when you are complete or perfect your growth seems to have reached a ceiling or hit the sky as far as it can go and will not allow you to move any further then where you are.

Do Not Give Up and Do Not Allow Your Fear To Conquer Your Goals and Dreams, Your Own Needs and Those Of The People You Are Looking To Help along The Highway that we call life.

I would happy to hear your feedback upon this post.

Check Out The Video Here:

All The Best,

Julio R Mattos

P.s. Either You Enjoy Each and Everyday and make it count, or rather you let each and everyday pass you by each time you awake each morning, as if it is like you are a dreamer but inactive dreamer. A World Dreamer are people willing to take productive action each day regardless if you either succeed or fail, you measure the daily results and constantly look to improve them and look for to each new experience that comes you way becase a world dreamer you believe in making each day count to the fullest and living life because you know how precious it is.