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Julio R Mattos Fun & Profit Blog: A Shining Star Or Is It?

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Hello My Friends,

 Julio here with a few things to discuss.

So early this morning as I do on occassion I look up at the sky to check out the stars, I did come across a star, if I can really call it that a blinking star shining brighter then any other.

So on my part it could be the space station that we have outside the earth, I do not have a telescope with me currently but I can tell you that I did take a look with 1000 ft binoculars, of course it’s not good enough to see it either but good enough where I could see it a little more better.

I think I will walk up Nob Hill here in a little bit and get a closer look because for some reason it has peaked my interest, even though I have been working on a few internet related projects.

Also I hope that all of you have enjoyed your Thanksgiving if you are here in the United States, for the rest of you I would hope that you would celebrate with in what you have to be Thankful for this year.

I have so many things to be thankful for and so many thanks to give to others, so right now I would like to take this opportunity to say thank your for reading my blog, for reading the articles that you come across here now and in the future, also I would like to thank all of my current and future customers, partners and affiliates, also my future friends as well.

I hope that you find some tidbits of knowledge here and that you find my blog posts to bring you some kind of enlightenment and encouragement to take action.

By the way if you are really interested in Affiliate Marketing you can check one of our other sites over at Which goes live on Monday, November 30th, 2009 and if you decide to become a customer you will also receive bonus information on Affiliate Marketing both in the forms of E-courses and Newsletters plus through blog posts.

Alright enough for this current post, simply put I do plan to walk up to Nob Hill in a few minutes just to go take another video of it.

If you are also interested in Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Etc. Look out we will let you know about a Father blog of ours which will be discussing these topics plus a whole lot more.

If you feel you have some feedback on a few topics which may interest you or you may recommend please let us know. 

 Please enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope that you all enjoyed the last 4 days or so off.

Take care for now.

Have Fun & Profit,

Julio R Mattos

Updates for Changes Coming, Notes, Tips, Resources, Business Ideas and Self-Improvement Tips

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Hello All,

Julio here, I will be updating my blog beginning later today.

So please look out and look forward to getting to know me and I look forward to getting to know you.

Please also look out for a few cool business offers and also some reading recommendations, if you have some interesting information you would like for me to share please let me know. Lately, I have been working on a few things and my earlier announcements of updates has been delayed and I personally apologize for that, but come on back here later today or tomorrow and you will find some helpful new content and tips, strategies to help your life become much more powerful.

Look forward to it, take care for now and you have a great day.

All the best,

Julio R. Mattos

Julio R Mattos Blog Updates in October 2009 and Ramblings

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Hello and Happy Friday My Friends,

 I hope you all have fun and enjoy your Friday that begins today for some of you and already Saturday for others.

There will be a few things updated on the blog later today and there will also be a few business offers, if you are interested, also there will be a massive amount of helpful articles, content, viral reports come either today or over the weekend.

There will be a business package put together for the course of the weekend since monday will also be Columbus day.

So many things to do this weekend here in San Francisco, let’s see here Watch the Presidents Cup 2009 since the presidents will be here, also it’s Fleet Week and also a few other things all happening at the same time.

I look forward to doing some relaxing and also working on a few packages, my coaching program this will be limited for now once it becomes active but will have all the bells and whistles attached to it.

Please be sure to let me know about what you would need help with such as problems you are having in your business and if you need some helpful solutions to solve them.

As you will become educated from my site, I look forward to teaching you and guiding you upon your online business journey and internet business preparation.

The Lessons will be a work in progress, well since we are all looking to constantly improve ourselves, we must educate ourselves each and everyday.

Well Again come back later today or over the weekend, it will truly be worth your wild.

Enjoy your weekend.

To Your Success,

Julio R Mattos

Updates for Changes Coming, Notes, Tips, Resources, Business Ideas and Self-Improvement Tips

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Julio R Mattos Here,

Hello My Fellow Friends and Blog Readers,

We will have some articles and some helpful reports to be given away this month, so please look out for them through October 2009. Also you will find that their will be some changes made to Julio R Mattos .com Website and it will be better off for you and for us to provide quality information resources to you.

Now also to mention we will be having many Self-Improvement Tips Which will be coming your way very soon as well, well to be more accurate this week. We are putting some finishing touches to articles and we will also have a newsletter which will be for Subscribers only, so if you find the information useful to you here on the blog we suggest becoming a member of our newsletter.

As A Member of Our Newsletter you will find a lot of Quality Information Being Sold Else where for heaps of money and belive us when we tell you this, we have spent a whole of time, energy, money and resources scouring over many different type of information and the resources behind many top people on the internet.

Our Mission Is Simple to Educate Our Customers and Prepare Them For Success By Providing Helpful Resources To Work Smarter Not Harder By Working Less But Earning More and More.

So Please look out we will also be launching helpful Product Deals Each Week, If you are a fellow Online Marketer better known as Internet Marketers or Affiliate Marketers. You will find some information here that will most likely help you boost your Income and help you save time, energy, money all at the same time.

We cannot say that you will receive Immediate Results because this is always based upon the time and commitment of proper plans and productive action done on an individual basis.

We will also provide helpful videos to watch as well, since it is the October 1st, 2009 and that’s a month of Halloween, please be on the lookout for Great Deals This Month. We Will have excellent Weekly Offers, we suggest you keep your eyes open because you will find prices for packages and products or coaching for deep price cuts but be warned these will really be limited offers once the limit is reached the price will return to the original prices no exceptions.

We hope you enjoy yourselves here on and Mr. Mattos will also add his personal touches as well.

Also if you have any recommendations that you would like for us to add here please feel free to let us know.

Take care and we hope that you really enjoy your October, that you have fun and work hard to acieve great success this month.

To Your Success,


Exective Assistant To

Julio R. Mattos

Julio R Mattos Blog Updates in September 2009 and Ramblings

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009 Will Be Having Some Updates This Month.

Good Morning My Friends,

As It Is Thursday and the Third day of September, you will find that by the end of the day or the lastest Early Friday morning you will have a handful of resources to checkout here on my blog.

I hope that once these resources are set up, that you will take full advantage of these resources. Also if you look to the right of my blog you will see a handful of Categories so please choose the ones you feel will benefit you, we will begin placing some articles and other E-Courses here Starting Tomorrow.

Now that’s not all there will also be some New Offers Starting out and my blog design is only a temporary look and will updated over time, so also please look forward to that.

I hope that we will be able to provide some helpful tips, tricks, techniques and Tactics to apply to your personal and business Strategies.

I will also have a Newsletter Set Up Very Shortly, now I will be happy Just going by my blog but this will be only one place, I will provide more resources in my Newsletter Only Because as of right now I will begin to offer Subscriber only type offers.

So Once this comes out and I will be looking for people interesting in growing both themselves and with me along both of our entrepreneurial journeys. Please also come to realize I am a serious person not Machine or some bot, please do not come here looking to spam my blog, this will be taken very seriously.

I will be concentrating on Educating those who are interested either by offering Free Reports, Selling Reports, Coaching, Recommending programs and if you feel that you have a suggestion in products please lookout because we will also be providing helpful feedback really on what you want for us to offer.

Thank you for your time and also for reading my blog.

World Internet Summit Coming August 20-23, 2009

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

World Internet Summit is the only event
in the world with a Joint Venture Club.
What’s that? It’s a dedicated section set
up for attendees to create deals with each
other. It’s the perfect place to find
like-minded people. In fact, one attendee
created a $1,000,000 deal last year –
all because of the Joint Venture Club.

Check It Out By Going Here:

Updates for and Looks and Educational Info To Come

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Hello My Friends,

So another explosive week comes to a close.

A lot of powerful things will be happening over this weekend and going forward throughout the rest of the year. I am personally having a makeover both in my personal and my business life.

I will be bring to my blog both content, gifts, List Building Tips, Internet Marketing Business Building Tips, Affiliate Marketing Business Tips, well I take you get the picture.

My true Aim is a lot higher then that and you will find that more as these changes start to be applied and formed through some Productive Action.

It is my hope that you will Join me both in my Internet Marketing Journey and also in My Personal-Development, education journey as well having fun and earning while learning all at the same time. With the use of Working Smarter, Not Harder Mantra, Leverage through the use of Technology, joint venture partnerships, affiliate marketing programs, Social Media the power behind it and a whole bunch of things.

Yes, I have been working on a few newbie courses, but it seem’s that I have tried to be a perfectionist on a few of things. I will be really building my business from this coming weekend, of course starting today and on.

There will be some upcoming deals that will be offered to a group 100-250 people, who will be willing to join me as well and yes, I will also possibly except more people then just 100-250 but as a test I will start with this group. I will be looking to really go through in-depth training program and will be looking for productive and timely feedback.

Also I will be attending an upcoming workshop 4 days with some pretty incredible people over in Atlanta,Georgia. This will be the World Internet Summit which you can check out over here and this event alone will be worth it’s weight in gold, now if you are going please let me know.

This event will be a great networking opportunity, what you will receive from this event will be a great chance to work with and joint venture and also learn some great strategies that will take you to a whole new world for your business.

Now if you have never heard of it check it out through the above link and if you buy through my link, you will receive some terrific bonuses not mentioned anywhere. The reason behind that is a secret, for that chosen few who will come and join me will receive tremendous value both from the Seminar and also from me personally. So join me and you will be blown away by what you will get and how far I look to take both of us to that new world.

There are a lot of things that I have on my list of things to get done and has been broken down in a big and major way. But still have some things to work out but will do so, piece by piece and step by step.

Alright I would like to wish you all a Great day and a wonderful weekend.

Sincerely yours,

Julio R. Mattos

July 2009 Updates, News, Events To Follow

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

July 2009 Updates, News, Events To Follow

So Some Articles have been put together for your education, some freebies, Some Free Product Giveaways and some helpful business offers as well. So look forward to the first of many helpful resources to come your way in July and Beyond.

I have delayed a few things and have been editing and looking over and getting several things done and doing a little bit of touch ups on some of the content, product offers and freebies.

Also have been doing a little Makeover on my business ventures and have taken a little time to implement some new strategies and will be working to constantly improve in my 4 top goals which are Wealth, Health, Wisdom and Relationships.

My personal mission has always been about Financial Freeom for me and my family and friends, it took me a little while to remember this and so my personal hope and desire is to also help my clients become Financially Free as Well and then you can begin to really enjoy your life a lot more as well.

Becoming financially free is the best thing that can happen in your life and also working on things and doing things you are more Passionate about will open a whole New World To you which will also change your Mindset a little and will elevate you to a new level of living, a least that is what I hope which will happen.

Make a Promise to yourself and a commitment to yourself to become Financially Free and Work on gaining Financial Freedom and make a list of things you would love to be able to do with your free time.

Look out for some news and education articles and resources over the course of July.

Thank you for reading and look out for the freebies of quality content to follow and you should learn some new helpful skills and look to steadily improve and grow and start your own business and constantly grow in the way of self-growth.

All the best,

Julio R. Mattos

Updates for and Looks and Educational Info To Come

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

There will be some major changes and Makeovers coming to Julio R Mattos Soon

 Over the next coming few weeks, we will work to actually make this site a more friendlier and more resource oriented and helpful site for our visitors and our friends.

I know that we have been a little stagnant on offering helpful Articles and resources over the past several months and with great reason. We have been working out our new systems, plans, software and products by integrating new technology and the power of the New Web 2.0 or Web 3.0, which is soon to come into our plans and into Mission’s Crusade.

We are all looking for ways to help elevate our lives and to make ourselves useful, for some we loose ourselves sometimes in developing new products and services and we seem to forget the basics and the reasons we start business in the first place.

Whether or not You know it or not, working in your business and Building and Growing Your Business requires a lot more then merely you working to get everything done yourself.

You have to understand that you will need to Build Yourself a Team,  now part of your team you can a lot of Technology to help in that part of your business, but without your personal touch and a live team, your business is trully Limited. Also not to mention that having a Mentor is also a key business move and very helpful personal move in your Business Vision and as well your Personal Vision for what you want from your business.

I recently have gone back over my plans and also my business plans and what I want from my business and what I desire to offer my Customers and using systems to help guide me through that process and doing a company makeover one fundamental step at a time.

So please look out here and a few other resources for something for passionate Entrepreneurs making differences every day. Also you will be provided the some critical information, resources and products and services to help you and your business grow.

Not to Mention that will be Joint Venturing with other Entrepreneurs over the next 6-36 months to really make some big moves and changes in both our personal lives and business lives altogether.

I hope you will be patient and ride the wave of the Entrepreneur Journey that will surely come and also be prepared For Change, without a Focused Mindset and a plan, Vision, Mission, Systems in Place you are limiting yourself to the basics, but with use of all of these you will be able to create a new window in your business that will be like the ocean overflowing with salt.

I hope you are having a fantastic weekend and I look forward to hearing from you and also working with you and getting to know you over the coming next few years.

All the best,

Julio R. Mattos

Julio R Mattos Blog Updates in May 2009 and Ramblings

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Julio R Mattos Blog Updates in May 2009

Hello My friends,

 So first things first, let’s start off this month right, I hope you have a great day and enjoy your weekend since the beginning of the month begins on a Friday.

Several friends around the world are actually off today because it’s a holiday today, 2 places that I know of is Japan and San Paulo, Brazil. Plus many other places except herein the USA. Well of course if you have vacation time or if you are a entrepreneur (smile).

Ok, So for the month of May we will be bringing some free gifts, some light versions of some products and will of course ask you to review them and let us know what you think. I will be working on several different projects this month related to several different topics.

The topics in question relate to having and starting, running and growing your own business, but not just any business but a mobile business. I am pretty sure you know what a Mobile Business is don’t you?

What you mean to tell me you do not, let pretty much put it this way a mobile business is a business which can be run from home or anywhere in the world, of course as long as you have internet access and you are using productivity methods and strategies to run your business the right way. 

One thing I come to realize is that you can start any kind of internet marketing business and use internet marketing strategies in any niche marketing style business, but not all internet marketing strategies are created equal and nor should you think that you will make money simply over night and start living as internet marketer in 24 hours. I will be the first to tell you will not happen unless you have planned ahead of time and followed through with a proven system and followed it completely through. 

Also there are many short cuts if you have a mentor, if you have a mentor it will short cut the time and skills needed to completely take you from novice to making a little bit of money, now I bet you though I was going to Guru right? No unfortunately we may all have a variety of financial skills or trades, that are related to internet marketing businesses or niche marketing businesses.

But what you will find is there are over a Million ways to make money online and trust me on this one you do not want to be an information junkie maniac ok, believe me it will be like you are stuck in a fire storm and you will not be able to get out without the source of wealth of water needed to the fire out. Now on that note, when you are getting started it’s very important to find a business you are passionate about and take action, make plans, incorporate a business around your passions.

The things that you do in the beginning will keep you away from that list of people who fails in there first 1 year of business, plus the most important thing of being in business will be your mindset. Ok Julio, your going to talk about Mindset, now you’ve gone and done it. Really?

Ok, it’s very important to understand that you will be faced with so many different challenges both mentally and physically and also spiritually. Because you will deal with a lot of skeptical people those in your family, your friends, teachers and mentors. Unless that you can prove to them that you are able to succeed in your own business ventures. Most of the time you will be strong but after a little while if you succeed and only if and when you succeed, you are in the wrong business or working with people you feel are no longer beneficial to you.

In my experience it’s important to start something that you are passionate about, even if it’s part-time, just doing something for money’s sake will last only for a limited amount of time, unless you can maximize opportunity to the fullest.

Realize that if you start your own internet marketing business, niche marketing business or a mobile business, this will come down to you if you believe it or not, your business will be your business and your personality will change over time but come to the understanding in the beginning to maximize your time with productive actions and plans that will help elevate you for the long term.

We are in business to create passive income and to generate a living by doing the things that we feel most passionate about.

Alright wow, that was a long list of things I written out wasn’t it.

So pretty much in summary, there will be some changes made to my blog, there will be resources added and some helpful business offers, a list of product giveaways that will be happening this month and going forward. There will be some other business offers, some podcasts and videos to watch and learn from.

Just keep coming back and I hope to provide you with leverage in the sense of you taking action, planning, finding what you are passionate about, seeing if you can find a business related to that or helping you Invest in Yourself in more ways then one.

If anything keep me post on your daily happenings, this will be important and I will look to work with people looking to really enjoy their lives and also take action upon their dreams by taking step by step actions towards there dreams.

All the best,

Julio R Mattos